Thor embodies a tantric life and transmits this embodiment in his teachings.  SkyDancing® certified teacher, Thor is co-founder of Tahoe Tantra and is teaching weekend and weeklong workshops with his wife of 32 years both at home in California, throughout the United States and internationally. Thor combines his love of the outdoors and nature and weaves this together with meditations and tantric teachings creating space in others for growth and change. 


SkyDancing Tantra has brought a depth of love to Thor and the presence he holds with his wife Nisi is palpable and shared with participants of his workshops. Thor began his journey with Tantra in 2010, igniting a personal and spiritual transformation, and sparking a passion that had no other option but to be shared with the world. Spearheading Ecstatic Weekend™ and Ecstatic Week™ events, Thor is always seeking new ways to share his passion with others, combining Tantra, nature and adventure into his teachings. For Thor, tantra is a means to connect with your true nature, to be one with all that is, and from this place connect with others. It is about how to live each moment of every day.


In addition to his SkyDancing training Thor has trained under a variety of Tantra Masters and weaves this material into his teachings.  Thor is a Reiki certified healer and breath work facilitator.  The material Thor develops with his wife Nisi is fresh and alive and continually evolves side by side his own personal growth.


Nisi’s exploration into the world of Tantra began in 2010 and in her words “The scared intimacy demonstration touched me deeply, I felt something awaken inside of me that initiated a longing to discover more”. Over the next decade Nisi began to train in tantra from a variety of teachers. SkyDancing Certified Teacher and co-founder of TahoeTantra with her husband Thor, together they blend classical tantra with neo-tantra to provide a solid foundation in practices designed to transform the participant from the inside out.  Nisi says “Tantra gives you the tools to love deeply and live richly in true authentic freedom”. The tantra practices Nisi and Thor present are a blend of skill-full, heart-felt communication tools, personal inquiry and energetic receptivity.


Over the past decade Nisi has studied both the Trika lineage and Padmasambhava lineage of Tantric Buddhism and is currently completing a six month immersion with Christopher (Hareesh) Wallis. Nisi is a certified breath work facilitator and Reiki healer. Naturally intuitive, Nisi leads from the heart and from a desire to serve. 


Nisi teaches with her husband of over 30 years in California, throughout the United States and Internationally. She and Thor are currently developing property in Panama as a wildlife sanctuary and tantra retreat center. Because of their passion for the outdoors, Nisi and Thor combine as many of their offering with nature and the outdoors as possible, snow-shoeing, hiking, sailing and swimming as a backdrop and container for personal growth.

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Lisa A. Rizzoli 

Lisa is a the founder of Tantra Sacred Loving, Embark Upon A Sacred Journey,  the Administrator of Tantra Talk and International Best Selling Author. She holds a number of certifications as a Tantra Educator, a Spiritual Sexual Educator, a Divine Feminine Educator, Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and a Masters Degree in Anthropology. Lisa has been a successful business owner, taught dance and fitness classes and continues to choose to live an orgasmic, blissful life. 

She has been teaching and sharing Tantra all over the world since 2011. Her passion and desire is to share this spiritual path weaving Shamanism, Reiki, Sacred Sexuality and Tantra into an integrated, energetic experience for passionate people eager to discover deeper connection, experience exquisite sensations and become masterful lovers Beyond Their Wildest Dreams. 

Private Sessions with Lisa during The Alchemy of Love Retreat will be available



Marcel is a certified SkyDancing Tantra facilitator living in Paris but often traveling for his passion, Tantra. He discovered Tantra at a very playful age. In his childhood, his home was venue to workshops and Margot Anand's books were at hand. He is eager to share with you his passion for expansion and self exploration. His passion for tantra.

Margot Anand teachings are the largest contributors to his inspiration, but his unique teaching color also springs from what brings him to joy, allows him to marvel about anything, sharpens his authenticity and crafts quality inter-relational skills : meditation (Vipassana, QLB), focus on masculinity (MKP), non-violent communication, dance and music…

Besides being a Tantra passionate and devoting his time to transmit his passion, Marcel is juggling with a busy entrepreneurial life that flows from his engineering education.

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Chloe dedicates herself to life-transitions – birth, growth, parenting, life-cycles and life-ending. In addition to being trained as a Sophrologist, she is a Doula and a Yoga teacher.

She mobilizes these skills to craft workshops and rituals, and fosters a rich and engaged community of women. She also accompanies individuals on crossroads on their path.

Her inspiration feeds from nature - especially the vegetal, motherhood, compassion, careful grooming of her emotions and sensory feelings. Her trainings also include non-violent communication, massage, and exploration of rituals and ethnical wisdom.